Aesop’s fables – cont

When reading into Aesop and his fables I started to realize how little is certain about him, he has had a large number of fables credited to his name through the century’s, however it is uncertain weather they all did in fact originate from him or not, as there are no writings by Aesop himself, only writings that came century’s after his death after his fables had continuously passed on, and if these fables were passed on from him, who’s to say that he was not influenced by words of others or even just credited for fables he did not tell.

Aesop was such a strong personality that is contemporaries credited him with every fable ever before heard and his successors with every fable told since” Willis L. Parker (1931)

There are many things that could have changed in the fables said to be told by Aesop as the story’s were not documented for a significant period time, many of them could have been altered by those who told them next or even had parts of them lost in translation though different languages, it makes me wonder if the story’s we knew today would be much different if Aesop had documented his fables himself.



Willis L. Parker (1931) The fables of Aesop.



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