Folk tales ~

Vladimir yakovlevich Propp, is known well for his writing on Morphology, was a soviet formalist scholar who broke down the plots of Russian folk tales, in order to look at their narrative in its simplest form, with his book “morphology of the Folk tale, he influenced/inspired many people to carry out the similar work with his great insight and analysis of folk tales.

He managed to go as far as breaking down the the narrative structure into 31 possibility’s, Outcomes or events, he would also come to say that characters could be broken down in the same way, with them being resolved into 7 different functions in the many tales he looked at, though he is not without criticism, due to the fact that he does not take into account many things that change from one tale to the next, for example the mood or tone of the story being told.



Vladimir Propp (1928) Morphology of the folk tale


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