Semiotics is something I have wanted to write about from the beginning, but wasn’t really sure how to go about it, and was having trouble finding easily read information, and by that I mean, that didn’t explain it in an overly complex manor, The subject intrigues me to such a great extent, and when I reflect upon it and various points people make it just captivates me further, I remember reading about analysing symbols, for example a heart.

I came across this set of slides, that points out some of the words, phrases and ideas that could be associated with it, but then separates what the heart is literally is, and how we associate so many other abstract things with it, and the same could be said for so many symbols, but what really gets me is our ability to now recognise so many symbols without thought or hesitation, for example if I am walking though town and I see this sign.


I know that it means parking, or if i see a male of female stick figure on a wall, door or sign i know that it means there is a toilet near by.


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