Summer project

For my summer project I was focusing on animation and Walt Disney, as some of his film are what lead me to want to go down the career path I am pursing at the moment.

It was in 1991 while still an unrecognised artist, that Walt Disney would start up a small studio to be known as Laugh-o-grams, and made short films on contract but it would appear even Disney would have some trouble starting off as the company did eventually go into bankruptcy.

But it was at this point, with the little money he had left, travelled to Hollywood with a reel of animation that he had been working on with his team, the animation entitled “Alice’s Wonderland”

it would be Alice that would be somewhat of a saviour for Disney, who’s first job after reaching los angles’ was a series of Alice comedies based off the original concept he had shown.

However it was not until 1928 with the launch of Steamboat Willie that the animation of Disney would finally take off.


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