Charles Perrault – “Wonder tales”

Charles Perrault, was a French who would come to set the foundations for a new literary genre, The Fairy tale, With his various story’s, may of them stemming from some of the many folk tales that were told before him, I wanted to talk bout Perrault because of one story in particular, “Le Petit Chaperon rouge” (Little red riding hood), one of his many more popular tales.

I chose to talk about this as I feel that Little red riding hood, as well as some of his other tales, have had such an incredible impact on the world, with adaptations of the title popping up even to this day, some of them staying quite blatantly true to his story’s where as others are shockingly abstract, to the point where its hard to believe such a story could even be portrayed in such a way.

Even Betty Boop was in my opinion was to be host to a somewhat disturbing rendition of the story considering the audience.

But along with this, there are countless renditions of this story and many others of his, and i think people like Perrault are “living” proof of the power writing has over the world, where a single man can influence countless generations, with nothing but words written down and passed on.